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Hayfield Homes is a driven housebuilder with a strong management team, who have previously worked together at another successful Midlands housebuilding company. This talented group of specialists has now been reunited, sharing a successful history and driven by a common goal; to deliver superior products to the property market.

Displaying exceptional character, our new homes are built upon Hayfield Homes’ precedent of meticulous attention to detail and remarkable quality. Each and every one of our developments will exhibit the high calibre workmanship and specification, we aim to be known for and will settle in some of the most charming locations across the Middle of the country.

The previous experience we offer combined with our ambition has resulted in funding from global investors, seeing us maximise and develop an exciting portfolio of residential sites. We are proud of what this investment and our industry knowledge have already led us to achieve, and we are dedicated to continuing this expansion, accomplishing our aspirations, and contributing to the new homes market.


Why Hayfield Homes?

As a builder and retailer of quality, expertly crafted homes, we provide a range of properties with impeccable design and charming features which purchasers will love owning. We have something to suit all tastes and requirements, and our intricate local knowledge means we can deliver in many different ways, be it providing community facilities or supplying flexible living spaces.

With significant focus on quality over quantity, we are presenting ourselves as the best rather than the biggest in our sector of the market. It is our eye for detail, passion for design, and industry wisdom that set us apart from other housebuilders.

In addition to quality, delivering superior customer service is a foundation stone of our business as we continually manage the growth of a brand customers can rely on.


"I am extremely proud to have brought together a group of highly experienced and motivated professionals, with the aim of building inspirational homes for our customers, with care, quality and boundless attention to detail." 

Mark Booth

Managing Director


Meet the team


With over 100 years of combined industry experience and having worked together previously, our Directors have an intricate blend of knowledge and wisdom in award-winning house building, and are passionate about creating something unique that responds to the needs of local markets.

The company devotes time and care to every stage of the house building process, from selecting masterful land opportunities to creating innovative finishing touches. It is this involvement and dedication that satisfies the standard of excellence Hayfield Homes guarantees.


Mark Booth

Managing Director

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Sales & Marketing Director

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production director

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land Director

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